2018 CEA Meetings Montreal


CWEC/CFEC organized a number of well attended activities at the 2018 annual meetings of the Canadian Economics Association in Montreal.

Sessions organized by CWEC/CFEC

CWEC/CFEC Luncheon

Annamaria Lusardi, the Endowed Chair of Economics and Accountancy at the George Washington University School of Business, was the keynote speaker at the CWEC/CFEC luncheon. She gave a lecture titled “Gender Differences in Financial Literacy: Evidence and Implications”

CWEC/CFEC Mentoring Breakfast

The third Annual Mentoring Breakfast was held on Sunday morning during the CEA meetings. The Mentoring Breakfast provides an opportunity for junior economists to meet informally with more established economists from both inside and outside academia. During the breakfast, mentees are matched with mentors for discussions on wide ranging topics including teaching, grant writing, networking, job search, work-life balance, and the tenure process.

Other CWEC/CFEC news from the 2018 CEA

  • To mark the transition from CWEN to CWEC, a reception was held during the CEA meetings. The event gathered members to celebrate CWEN’s past accomplishments and to welcome the future opportunities possible with CWEC.
  • Frances Woolley, who served as President of CWEN from 2003 to 2006, gave the CEA Presidential Address entitled “The Political Economy of University Education in Canada”