Call for Nominations for Members of the CWEN/RFÉ Executive

CWEN/RFÉ’s Annual General Meeting will be held during our Friday lunch session at the Canadian Economics Association Meetings in Ottawa.

In advance of that, we are seeking nominations for positions on the Executive for the next year.  Vacant positions are:

  • Vice-President
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Members at Large

Information on these positions can be found in our Constitution.

Note that CWEN/RFÉ values involvement from a wide range of members.  The Constitution specifically notes a desire, to the extent feasible, for a reasonable distribution in the Executive along geographic, racial, ethnic and linguistic lines.

As you may recall from a recent email, there is currently a proposal for an amendment to the Constitution of the Canadian Economics Association that it form a sub-committee on women’s issues, which would take on many of the functions that CWEN/RFÉ has been performing. There is, however, no proposal on the table for a change to the constitution of CWEN/RFÉ.  We expect that it will continue to operate over the next year regardless of the outcome of the vote on the amendments to the CEA constitution, and that if the vote is positive, the coming year will be important in setting the stage for the future. We encourage anyone with an interest and ideas to put their name forward.

To nominate yourself, or to suggest a potential nominee, please email by May 6.

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Constitution and Bylaws 2015