CEA Meetings 2015 Toronto

CWEN/RFE organized several activities at the 2015 Canadian Economic Association meetings, which were held at Ryerson University in Toronto.

CWEN/RFÉ Sessions Summary

  • CWEN/RFÉ – CHWEN session: Family Policies and their Effects: Evidence from China and Quebec
  • CWEN/RFÉ session: Family Taxation
  • CWEN/RFÉ session: Marriage and Fertility in Long Run Perspective

CWEN/RFÉ Luncheon

Raquel Fernandez from NYU was our CWEN luncheon speaker for the 2015 CEA conference. Raquel gave a very interesting talk on “Culture and Economics”.


Together with the UofC School of Public Policy, CWEN organized a panel on Communicating Economics to the Public and Policy Makers – How, What and Why?The lineup for the panel was: Andrew Leach (UofA), Tammy Schirle (Wilfrid Laurier), Lindsay Tedds (UVic), and Mike Moffatt (Western).

Other 2015 CEA News

Abigail Payne from McMaster University delivered one of the State of the Art Lectures at the 2015 CEA conference. Abigail is a former CWEN president; she holds a Canada Research Chair in Public Economics, and is the director of Public Economics Data Analysis Laboratory (PEDAL) at McMaster.