CWEN/RFE Report on the Status of Women in Canadian Economics, 2015

CWEN/RFE is pleased to release the 2015 Report on the Status of Women in Canadian Economics. The report is based on our 2014/2015 survey of all Economics departments at degree granting institutions in Canada, combined with data we collected from departmental webpages and other sources.  It is part of CWEN/RFE’s continuing efforts to monitor the status and promote the advancement of women in the economics profession in Canada.

In summary, the report finds that women remain a smaller share of the academic economics workforce than they are of students studying economics, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Overall, roughly a quarter of permanent positions in Canadian economics departments are held by women. Over the past decade, there has been a considerable increase in the proportion of women at the Associate Professor level and at the Professor level, partly as a result of a pipeline effect. At the same time, however, the proportion of women at the Assistant Professor level has declined. This disturbing trend is not clearly evident in comparable US data, nor can it be traced back to a decline in the percentage of female graduating PhD students.

A full version (pdf) of the report can be found here: 2015 CWEN Report of the Status of Women in Canadian Economics.

The 2013 report: 2013 CWEN Survey Report on the Representation of Women Economists in Canada’s Universities.

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CWEN/RFE Report 2015