CEA Meetings

CWEC/CFÉC participates in the meetings of the Canadian Economics Association (CEA), held in early June of each year. We typically sponsor a number of sessions and host a lunch with a keynote speaker. The links to below provide summaries of CWEC/CWEN’s activities in CEA meetings in recent years.

The CWEC/CWEN luncheon has been a feature of the meetings for over two decades, and has become one of the conference highlights. With a cap of 30 attendees in 1995, we had a record 140 people attend in 2016, and have had amazing speakers.

A Brief History of the CWEC/CWEN lunches and speakers


1995 - 1999: CWEN luncheons were held, but guest speakers’ names were not recorded on the program.

2000: Kim Marie McGoldrick: “Feminist Pedagogy”

2001: No guest speaker was recorded.  A roundtable was held on the Status of Women Economists, releasing the first report on this issue produced by the CEA.

2002: Barbara Spencer: “Trying to Follow the Yellow Brick Road: My Early Experiences as a Female Economist in Australia, Canada and the United States

2003: No listed speaker.  State of the Art Lecture given later by Nancy Folbre: “Ménage à trois: Feminist Theory, Evolutionary Economics, and Individual Optimization in the Household”

2004: No listed speaker.

2005: Marianne Ferber:  “Women in Academia: Slow Progress is Better Than No Change At All”

2006: Jane Waldfogel: “Families, Work Arrangements, and Child Development”.  Sponsored by IRPP.

2007: Susan Collins:  “Accounting for Growth: China and India After 25 Years”

2008: Nancy Olewiler

2009: Frances Woolley: “A Celebration of CWEN

2010: Emanuela Cardia: “The Household Revolution: Housework, Childcare and Female Labor Force Participation”

2011: Rebecca Blank: “The Well-Being of Women in America”

2012: Siwan Anderson: “Legal Origins and HIV/AIDS”

2013: Sandra Black: “The Other Side of the Glass Ceiling: The Effect of Women at the Top”

2014: Catherine Eckel: “Gender in Experimental Games”

2015: Raquel Fernández: “Culture and Economics”

2016: Lena Edlund: “Location, Location, Location”

2017: Hilary Hoynes: “Income Support and Poverty During the Great Recession”


2018: Annamaria Lusardi: “Gender Differences in Financial Literacy: Evidence and Implications”